Hey there! Hi there!

With this post I wanna start a series of stories. It will tell about music records, those records close to my heart, which had the biggest impact on me. But don’t expect reviews or some sublime articles. This only will be mine feelings and personal opinions about the most important albums in my life. That’s why there will be no TOP 10 list, because this is not what this is about.

And first goes…

The Gathering – Mandylion

I think that people who know me a bit better already felt that this climatic masterpiece had to appear here. Seriously, this is the one of those records which I can call “love from the first hearing”. This exactly happened with me and “Mandylion” years ago, when I heard first parts of “Strange Machines” on well-worn Walkman (a gift from my sister). And then another diamonds appeared. Like “Eléanor”, both parts of sorrowful “In Motion” and, of course, beautiful, melancholic “Leaves”. Title track had this tribal magic in it. It also brought to mind night voyages through a desert straight from “Arabian Nights”. “Sand and Mercury” proved that The Gathering’s musicians were staring towards progressive rock world. And they proved it on their next albums.

Record’s wistful atmosphere mixed with both powerful and hypnotic voice of Anneke van Giersbergen made me return to “Mandylion” many times. What am I saying?!? I’m returning to this masterpiece all the time, until now. And I'm sure I'll be coming back as long as my health allows it. Just to sit back in this strange machine made by Dutch band and wander to the land of melancholy, musical beauty. Without any doubt, this is one of the most important albums of my life. It’s also one of the most outstanding representatives of its genre, it's a topic for a completely different story.

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