Story in English, here's the same story in Polish.

"It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross...but it's not for the timid."

Hi there people of the Earth. I'm Peter, VP Content Development in Fireside Experience and your guide in this amazing trip on our blog. That's why I'm greeting you with a Q's quote from Star Trek: The Next Generations' episode "Q Who". Because for me, just like my friends from Fireside Experience, it's going be a very special journey.

I'm a guy writing to Polish edition of Metal Hammer and gaming magazine PIXEL. So right now you know what are my main fields of interest. I breathe music, video games are in my blood and after hours I'm riding a bike. And very often everything goes to excess. Be sure, that I'll do my best in guiding all of you in this travel through time and space into world of mine passions:  realm of music, gaming, pop-culture and even biking. And if comes to biking, maybe I could even share some nice photo stories from places I've been to on my Sonny.

Some of the stories will be written in two languages – English and Polish. This blog is international site, but I’ll try to put some notes also in my native language. After all, I’m a Pole and have some friends here in Poland.

Thank you so much for coming in here for a moment and reading what I wanted to say in this really short introduction. Let's take this trip together, tell your friends about us, about Fireside Experience and this blog. It will be fun. Until next time my friends.