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Since we’ve got nice summer time, I decided to write something about great destinations for a bike rides. As you remember, I mentioned it in my first note on this blog, that I’ll try to create some stories from my trips. Especially, that there is a lot of cool places to visit, even near my home city.

First place I’d like to cover is broken passage. It’s situated around 20 kilometers from Białystok, in village of Kruszewo. And what is it you can ask? Those are remains of old bridge over the Narew river (biggest river of Podlasie) and its wetlands. It’s very quiet spot, away from busy roads. One can really find some peace here, if he or she doesn’t mind hordes of mosquitos and horseflies. It’s really beautiful here, with some great views on river and its pool. You can even take a stroll. Because, why not?

There is really cool legend connected to the broken passage, which still, to this day frightens local people. It involves devil himself. At the turn of the XIX and XX century, tzar’s officials decided to build a road and bridge over the Narew river. It was meant to connect Białystok with Jeżewo village. Whole passage was planned to be almost 400 meters long. Works started around year 1900, but since the terrain was really tough, almost nothing was done after some time. One day the devil appeared for the workers and offered his help. But under one condition! He wanted soul of first one, who will come across new bridge. Workers agreed and passage was made almost in a blink of an eye. When it came to payment, workmen decided to cheat the devil. How? They forced old and sick horse to come across the bridge. Well, Mr. devil wasn’t pleased of this trickery. He told people that passage will stay intact for 11 years and then it will be destroyed. But not by him. By war turmoil. It was year 1903. And in 1914 bridge was damaged beyond repair, during WW1. Story repeated itself 2 decades later, when rebuilt bridge was destroyed in 1939, in WW2. From this day place it stays intact. People are too afraid to build something here. They are afraid of another war. You can still spot some spans of it in a river and around it and there are still concrete remains on both ends of a passage. There are even some traces of German and Russian bullets in those concrete parts. There is even Metallica graffiti on Kruszewo’s side, it looks amazing with those holes after bullets. Yeah, this place is one of coolest and climatic places to visit if you are in a neighborhood.

One last thing. Remember kids, never deal with the devil. And if you do, do not, I repeat do not cheat on him.

Until next time guys!

Story in English, for story in Polish, click here.