Hi there!

Some time ago I was telling you about an amazing place that can be reached by bike - broken passage. In half of the disctance between The broker passata and Bialystok there is village called Gajowniki. And there, in the countryside, you can find a statue of Światowid and a small chapel of the goddess Mokosz, slavic Mother Earth.

The monument is just a copy. The original can be found in Museum of Archeology, in Kraków. Światowid was discovered in 1848, in the river Zbrucz on Podole. Very little is known about the true origins of the statue and there are different theories about its meaning (there’s a lot of doubts and theories about many elements of slavic culture and beliefs).

Replica situated in Gajowniki is a true and faithful copy of the original. It’s being taken care of by polish neopagans and stands on private property. The owner, James is available for everyone who just wants to visit the place. The area is very beautiful - there are some ponds, small trees and fruit bushes around. And Światowid itself stands under a big tree with the chapel of Mokosz mounted on it. Since the whole place is away from the main road, it's very peaceful here. You can really feel some primal energy in here. You can bring your friends, sit around a bonfire, come here alone or with your significant other, just to relax in peace. Especially that Gajowniki is close to Białystok (around 10 km from its outskirts) and Green Velo bike route. Such a magical place near the city. It's a sin not to visit this amazing site, even once. And since polish neopagans take care of the site, they have organized some events like Kupala Night. And that can be a real treat.

Since I'm on a subject of Green Velo. Couple weeks ago, I've been guest in a broadcast about Narwiański National Park on local Radio Białystok. I talked a little about National Park and Green Velo surroundings. It felt kinda strange to be on the other side of the microphone, but it was great, new experience. I'd love to do it again some time in the future. And very soon I'm gonna show you another cool place from this area. So stay tuned guys.

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