Hey there! Hi there!

Since I’ve already started a series about music records that changed my life and another about some cool places you can visit by bike, it’s time to do the same with video games that were and still are important for me. This time it was difficult to pick one title for a start. Well, a lot harder than it was with music records. It really surprised me at first, but then I came to a conclusion that I grew up during very interesting times when it comes to video games. Finally, after some thought I picked one game and it is…

Baldur’s Gate

Yup, it’s the BioWare’s classic. One of the greatest representatives of its genre and first part of amazing RPG series. And why didn’t I choose its excellent sequel? Well, the answer is very simple. Because this one was first. I know how it sounds, but yeah, this is the reason. I’m more sentimental about it. I remember when demo version of the Baldur’s Gate was added to one of Gambler magazine issues. It wasn’t an ordinary demo, it was a 500 MB behemoth stored on 1 CD. Yup, it was big. For those times it was massive! To compare, full version of the game was released on 5 CD’s. And that was an epic achievement.

I remember playing this demo for a really long time. And then going to my local shop and buying full release of Baldur’s Gate. It wasn’t an ordinary one. It was a big box with 6 CD’s inside which contained game and its expansion. Yup, back then expansions were a real deal, not like today’s DLCs. There was also a map, a manual and a book inside.  An epic release of an epic game! I remember it wasn’t cheap, but it was freakin’ worth it. It also had superb Polish dubbing, with great Polish actors involved, like Piotr Fronczewski or Jan Kobuszewski.

And playing this gem was a remarkable experience. Epic music composed by great Michael Hoenig, incredible story, amazing setting and wonderful characters. To this day I remember how demonic Sarevok was or how lovely girl thief Imoen is. And that Kivan equipped with the best bow in a game was an absolute must in my team. I simply love Baldur’s Gate and maybe there’s finally time to play it again, refresh some memories. Because it’s one of the best RGPs out there. A real gem from times, when games didn’t treat gamers like idiots.

I’ll return to this topic very soon, because there’s a lot more amazing games I’d like to cover, so stay tuned for more.

Until next time guys.

Story in English, for story in Polish click here.